Webmaster has been sacked!!

By Martin Brocklebank

Without any good reason DG Jonathan decided that my services are no longer needed! [after 12 years service above self]

Apparently at an Executive Meeting my tenure was raised by Jonathan and discussed resulting in a decision to relieve me of my contribution to the District and Rotary.

I was informed of this decision without any prior discussion and any reason given. Within an hour my access to all District sites including the DMS [which i was instrumental in bringing into existence!]

I guess we all have a sell by date but I have to say that although it is the “gift” of the DG to appoint whoever he wants it is still disappointing that it was done without on consideration to my contribution in helping many Rotarians and clubs over the years. There was a resistance to tell me why and not one word of thanks for all the effort I have given in my various roles over the years. VEry sad and upsetting I have to say!!

As I have hosted a number of District websites, such as this one, free of charge and willingly donating time and money in doing so it is now not wanted by the Executive and DG Jonathan.

This will be the last edition on this site as I undertand that they have created another website instead of utilising this one [I did offer it to them!]

A gather that DGN Ian Elliot will be taking on the role along with his many roles he has aquired in the past year
He is now the DGN, Public Image Chairman, Assistant Governor and a member of the L&T team so hopefully he will have enough time to give you the support and help you have enjoyed over my years.

This might sound bitter and it probably is … no wonder District is dominated by PDG’s if they cannot keep enthusiastic and loyal contributors such as me  … there is no new blood coming through the ranks and it has become a “closed shop” for the old guard.