Following my year’s sabbatical, may I say how nice it is to be back in the hotseat but, before explaining the changes made I have been requested by senior management in the Howell household to make it clear to the
readership that the above photograph is not a real shot of my actual desk but is used for illustrative purposes only.

I hope you will approve of the new style of magazine available to you and that those of you not too familiar with the navigation of e-magazines have read the instructions that I sent to all clubs a week or so prior to the release of this document. All club secretaries received a copy to be passed to the members so, if you haven’t seen it, please pester your secretary not me (although I will supply you a copy if requested).

To view the July issue of Ten-Eighty News just click on the “Current Issue” link in the bar at the top of the page. Not only do we have a re-vamped magazine but we have a new, dedicated website too and this is solely down to Webmaster Martin who has worked tirelessly on the creation of the site and he has also populated it with back numbers of our district magazine but also those of RIBI and Rotary International itself.

Please feel free to leave a comment at any time and please bookmark the site and drop in to see what’s happening and we shall be featuring news items from future editions as they are written and time sensitive notices as well.

Membership of Rotary is inspirational on so many levels but we must persuade others of that fact and get them to join us. The district team will need the assistance of every one of us to achieve that goal and this magazine will do its best to keep you informed on the latest thoughts and plans – please use it yourself to express your views on what is happening and what you think needs to be done, it’s your magazine.