RYLA 2020 and Coronavirus

Well the 2020 course is booked with Grafham Water centre for 29th August to 5th September 2020. The final cost is confirmed as £685.00. The deposit has been paid to Grafham Water Centre and so the whole above detail is confirmed.

In the current situation this is all that can be said to be firm. The daily changing decisions and guidance of Government show just how fluid the picture is. Our decisions will have to be driven by any advice for both personal and community protection.

Currently working on the fact that RYLA is 22 weeks away I hope that a more settled picture will emerge well before August. I continue to work on the premise that RYLA 2020 will go ahead as planned.

Once the future intentions on School activities are more settled, I will be in discussions with Grafham Water. As a part of Cambridgeshire County Council Education facilities, they will be expected operate within guidance principles.

Your support is both valued and crucial to the successes achieved by RYLA for the participants. Although not easy with current restricted club meetings, please continue your planned research for suitable candidates for this year.

In these conditions it is not my intention to be insistent on payment of deposit on reservation. We are happy to accept deposits if you are willing and will naturally make refunds in the event of cancellation.

Currently I am sure some of our corporate supporters will have major business decisions to make. We will need to tread with caution and if you would like my input please ask. I would be happy to accept intentions of commitment from past supporters. This will allow reservations with final confirmations as at 01-07-20.

I suggest that candidates approached for 2020 are asked whether they would be able to accept a place in 2021. This would ensure a firm reservation were the planned course be a victim of any future guidance given.

As the situation develops, I will keep you all abreast of our further decisions.

David Simpson (RYLA lead 2020 onwards.)